Idiot Glee – Life Without Jazz

A revolt of darkened windows. The corners of your mouth remind me of those few words casually abandoned. Our bodies are carried by a river of soft, melancholy colors. Without a sound.


idiotgleesiteAfter a first album, Paddywhack, released in 2011 on the English label Moshi Moshi Records (Hot Chip, Au Revoir Simone, Egyptian Hip Hop, etc.) and an international tour, James Friley is back with a new EP, Life Without Jazz. Troubled by the compositions of Fleetwood Mac, Roxy Music and Scott Walker, this young, classically trained pianist from Lexington, Kentucky evokes the moments that bring us together – the ones we’d like to make last forever. Knees bump up against nostalgia, the frequencies of the saxophone resonate all the way to the bone. Five ballads, oscillating between home-made pop and careful songwriting, shine bright to the sound of that very particular crooning voice.


Our memories have disappeared behind the mirage. Because we’ve got everything left to live. Soundless, but not without music. Not without this music.


The album artwork is by artist and musician Robert Beatty (Hair Police, Three Legged Race…). He has also worked with bands such as Peaking Lights, Real Estate, and Wire magazine.


This record is being released in collaboration with the new label Bureaubureau. The CD version is available through the American label Hop Hop.

BB01/ AC17

Ep 12″ + MP3s – 5 titres
White vinyl, limited to 350 copies
Out Feb. 26th
Co-released with Atelier Ciseaux Records

Vibrato (01:51)
Pinkwood (03:44)
Pipes (05:20)
Life without jazz (03:49)
Little Berlin (05:24)

Idiot Glee
Robert Beatty
Atelier Ciseaux
Hop hop